Aegea is one of the companies honored with the Diversity and Inclusion award – most admired in 2019, promoted by the Brazilian Association of Training and Development of Paraná (ABTD-PR) that took place on October 11, in Curitiba. The recognition is the result of the work the company has been doing with the Respect Dá Tom program, the company’s movement for racial equality and is based on three pillars: employability, development and relationship.

The award is part of the schedule for the 1st edition of the “South Brazilian Meeting on Diversity & Inclusion Management”, which aims to promote discussions that positively impact the business environment and society, in addition to encouraging the exchange of concrete experiences on Diversity & Inclusion practices .

Among the various talks at the meeting, Aegea was represented by Josélio Raymundo, Executive Director of the company, dealing with the details of the diversity program that the company has been implementing since 2017. For Josélio, “mirroring the Brazilian racial representation in the company’s daily life it is much more than a matter of repair, it is to promote increasingly rich environments of thought and experience where the variety of ideas circulating is reflected in an organizational environment where respect, productivity and personal and career development are pillars of support ”.

Aware of the differences, the company recognizes that there are many Brazils. With this, the initial objective of the program is to mirror racial equality focused on increasing the opportunities dedicated to the black population within the company at the most diverse levels of the organization to the demographics of the 49 cities where Aegea operates.