Efficiency and Technology


Sustainability is directly related to innovation. Economic, ecological and social challenges require the creation of new procedures and technologies that help meet these demands. With research focused on these needs, we have constantly achieved progress and development.

In the sanitation sector, technological innovation opens up a whole universe of possibilities. It is a major differential and one of the most important tools in seeking a balance between water resources, environment and public health.

The Efficiency and Technology Center at Aegea is tasked with creating and seeking solutions that improve the services encompassing the entire water cycle to improve efficiency, reduce costs and expand coverage.


Loss Control Management

The Loss Control Management System (GCP) includes procedures for the entire network de distribution, from the water that leaves the treatment plant until it reaches the end user. Each network has its unique aspects and GCP has a practical action guide for the day-to-day operations. The GCP monitors the entire distribution network through a single monitoring point – GCP Operations Control Center (CCO-GCP).

Process Management

The Process Management area supports operating units with regard to water and sewage treatment systems. The team analyzes existing systems with problems or new systems for new projects. The Sector has a wide array of responsibilities, which include adopting technical solutions, reducing electricity consumption and increasing the efficiency of processes in general.

Project Management

The Projects area is divided into two fronts. The first front develops and researches standardized models for deploying the most appropriate systems for diverse situations, gathering information and recommendations that speed up the implementation of Aegea's model in new units. The other front researches methodologies and tools to optimize project design and construction of water and sewage networks.

Energy Management and Efficiency

Energy Management and Efficiency is a division of Efficiency and Technology, which focuses on the management of electricity consumption in water and sewage systems. It helps optimize electricity expenses and standardize the processes involved in bill management and efficiency.

The Efficiency and Technology Center also has new software and computational intelligence concepts to solve diverse problems in energy efficiency, processes and combating losses.

Our employees are also encouraged to seek solutions to improve these procedures and technologies. That is how a group of trainees developed the Geia Project, which proposes integrating our resources (georeferencing, hydraulic modeling and remote sensing) to avoid excess pressure and consequent leaks in the network.

The Geia Project won international recognition and was one of the five finalists among the 400 entries at the Brazil Conference at Harvard & MIT, organized by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University. This innovative project of our trainees was also presented internally at the Workshop on Efficiency and Technology held in Indaiatuba, São Paulo, to enable exchange of information among employees from different units.

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Sustainability Policy
Sustainability Policy

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Sanitation Manual
Sanitation Manual

Aegea’s Sanitation Manual provides detailed knowledge of basic sanitation.

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Social Responsibility

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