Social Responsibility

As part of our values, we address social responsibility. Being socially responsible is part of our history. It’s the cornerstone of our business management and a long-term commitment to our stakeholders, mainly the communities where we operate.

Our goal is to help solve social issues and overcome global obstacles through our own and initiatives and projects as well as those backed by government incentives. These activities have been a key factor in Aegea’s corporate policy and certainly stand for a part of the company’s success.

All these initiatives help to improve the prospects for a more sustainable future, narrowing social gaps and ensuring health and quality of life of people and the planet.


“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights” (Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

In our vision, a concession is much more than an agreement with the government. It’s a commitment. To the place and its people. A pact that, on the one hand, gives us the opportunity to offer sanitation solutions with excellence and, on the other, makes us an integral part of the local development process.

Because we understand that our purpose goes beyond simply providing a service and our true aspiration lies in contributing to improve the quality of life of those who live in these places. This is the idea that moves us.

It is the stimulus that drives to share value with our communities through a social agenda whose goal is to promote a development model focused on people.

For this, we coordinate and support projects that are capable of positively impacting the Municipal Human Development Index (MHDI) on three fronts: education (responsible for building the path to the future), sanitation (which influences health and longevity) and income generation (which gives access and raises the standard of living) Pillars that consolidate our commitment to collaborate, directly and indirectly, with the progress in the basic and supplementary conditions of life assured to our stakeholders.


Our private social investment strategy is to transfer funds to social, environmental, cultural, educational and/or sporting initiatives and projects, whether own or government-incentivized, that help improve the Municipal Human Development Index in the places where the company operates.

Our aim is to articulate with society and institutions to promote and drive a development model focused on people.

Thus, investments in our own social projects and incentivized projects should be aligned with Aegea’s Sustainability Policy and with the Human Development Index principles, which could be translated as:

Long and healthy life; Access to knowledge; and dignified standard of living.

Transfer of funds to incentivized projects can be made through the following laws: Cultural Incentive Law (Rouanet Law), Audiovisual Law, Sports Incentive Law, Municipal Funds for Children and Adolescents, Municipal Funds for the Elderly, National Support Program for Oncological Services (PRONON) and the Program to Support Health Care for Persons with Disabilities (PRONAS).


– Investments in projects that contribute to improving the Municipal Human Development Index, preferably with regard to income, education and/or health;

– Contribution to obtain the “Social License”, which we understand as the commitment and acceptance of Aegea and its affiliates by people in the places where it provides its services;

– Alignment with Aegea’s Sustainability Policy and values; and

– Full compliance with the requirements of the Compliance Program and respect to the Code of Conduct of Aegea.


The coverage area of the projects we seek includes all the towns where Aegea Group companies operate. The company’s business can be accessed at:


All individuals living in towns where the Aegea group operates can be beneficiaries, although in particular citizens with greater social vulnerability.


For own and incentivized social projects, our commitment is to the society to which we provide services. As such, the actions we implement and/or transfer funds to be implemented should respect the unique aspects of each town where we operate, be plural regarding their scope and promote, whenever possible, equality among individuals, especially racial equality.

The projects that will receive funds through incentive laws will be selected by the Incentivized Projects Selection Committee, which will annually evaluate the proposals and approve or reject the partnership according to pre-established criteria.

All projects should be submitted according to the “SCRIPT FOR PREPARATION OF PROJECTS”, which will be disclosed as per the guidelines of the Incentivized Projects Selection Committee, which could be public (open to all who are interested) and/or only through invitation from Aegea.


Aegea acts directly and indirectly in the life of the communities and towns where it operates, implementing social, educational and environmental projects, creating jobs and changing the local economy.

The projects strengthen ties with community leaders, bring environmental education to schools through theater, lectures and contests, organize initiatives to raise environmental awareness, offer cultural options, encourage teachers to work on the issue of sanitation in classrooms and meet the desires of the population, while also promote, whenever possible, equality among individuals, especially racial equality. These initiatives, which are specific to each unit, are designed and approved by the Corporate Social Responsibility Manager.

Efforts are focused on establishing corporate guidelines, which include the adoption of the methodology to measure the impact of the actions to be carried out. However, the strategy is not about standardizing initiatives, but to customize them to the reality of each region such that they adequately meet the social demands, forging closer relationships and strengthening dialogue with local communities.

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The main goal of Aegea Institute is to be a social intelligence center and keep track of what is cutting-edge in Brazil and around the world in the fields of social investment and impactful business, especially in the areas of health, education and income generation. Moreover, the Institute seeks the best practices for the company to make its investments in a focused and strategic way to increase human development in the cities where Aegea operates.

As one of Aegea’s main social action tools, the Institute offers the company’s decision makers elements that strengthen relations with communities, in particular those that are socially vulnerable.

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