Seedling Nursery
Seedling Nursery

The Águas Guariroba, concessionary responsible for water and sewage services in Campo Grande, maintains a seedling nursery in the largest Sewage Treatment Plant of the city: the ETE Los Angeles. The nursery produces more than 50,000 seedlings of 20 different species. Besides planting these trees in the company, Águas Guariroba donates seedlings to some institutions and to the community. The company also participates in the Program Spring Alive, a program of restoration of water potencial and control of diffuse pollution in the countryside planting and maintaining native trees seedlings. The seedlings are being planted in the basins and sub-basins of APA (Protected Area) in the streams Guariroba and Lageado. Thus, the concessionaire contributes to the preservation of water sources and ensures water supply for the population.

To ensure the quality of seedlings grown in the nursery of Águas Guariroba, each plant is kept in bags of one kilogram, which ensures the full development of the species until it is planted. In the nursery are grown species such as ipê, paineiras, mastic, jatobá and guanandi, among other native cerrado.

Recando das Erbas (Herbs Nook)

The Águas Guariroba also has the seedling cultivation focused on actions on environmental education. Through a partnership with Recanto de Ervas, the company installed a new nursery at ETE Los Angeles. This location is dedicated to the cultivation of medicinal plants, herbs and vegetables and receives the surrounding community for workshops that teach them how to cultivate these plants and use them for food.