Aegea, one of the largest basic sanitation companies in the country, had seven concessionaires recognized by the Fundação Instituto de Administração (FIA) and UOL portal as incredible places to work. The units of Águas de Guariroba (Campo Grande – MS), Águas de Teresina (Teresina – PI), Águas de Manaus (Manaus – AM), Águas de Ariquemes (Ariquemes – RO), Águas de Sinop (Sinop – MT), Águas de Primavera (Primavera do Leste – MT) and Ambiental Serra and Vila Velha (Serra / Vila Velha – ES) were awarded in the first edition of the award, which highlights Brazilian companies with the highest levels of satisfaction among their employees, in several indicators.

“The recognition as one of the incredible places to work, won by all of our concessionaires who registered for the award, reflects Aegea’s commitment to moving lives promoting more dignity and health for the population of the cities where we provide our services. sanitation. Having people at the center of our strategy strengthens our organizational culture and our model of operating across different Brazils, ”reports Radamés Casseb, CEO of Aegea.

The survey consists of four main indices, which together form the FIA ​​Employee Experience index. Leadership, people management and organizational climate are some of the items evaluated, the latter being the most important in the composition of the note. The company’s racial diversity program, Respect Dá Tom, the Aegea Academy (corporate education nucleus), sustainability projects and measures adopted to face the pandemic, with the opening of communication channels, reinforcement of health and safety procedures and donation campaigns, were some of the outstanding initiatives that led to the recognition of concessionaires.

Among the small companies (up to 300 employees), the best placed of Aegea Saneamento was Ambiental de Serra and Vila Velha, appearing in the fifth place in the ranking. Águas de Ariquemes appears in tenth place and the concessionaires Águas de Sinop and Águas de Primavera in thirteenth and twenty-ninth, respectively. For medium-sized companies (from 301 to 1,500 employees), the best positioned unit was Águas de Guariroba with the eleventh position, followed by Águas de Teresina and Águas de Manaus, which appear in the seventeenth and twenty-ninth positions, respectively . The seven awarded units, of the 45 existing in the company, represent 63% of Aegea’s employees.

Present in more than 57 cities, in 12 states, the awarding of all registered concessions reaffirms one of Aegea Saneamento’s cultural pillars, that of human capital as an important asset and is more evidence of the company’s successful trajectory, which in 2020 completes 10 years of history.

Award methodology

The “Incredible Places to Work” award was developed in three stages, the first being the application of a questionnaire on more than 300 management practices, answered by the HR of the participating companies, and by a set of 100 assertive phrases about climate and corporate culture, that employees should indicate, in anonymity, whether they agreed or not. In the second stage, it was possible to access the preliminary results, with the list of pre-classified ones. Between September and October, the companies with the highest score in data collection received an independent audit, which checked the information described by HR in the initial questionnaire.