Social Tariff
Social Tariff

The Social Tariff is a benefit that provides a 50% reduction in the rate of water and sewage that enables low-income families to have access to basic sanitation services, essential to the health and quality of life.

1 – Criteria

The Social Fare was established by the Municipal Law nº 3.928, of December, 26, 2001 and is destined to users that comply with the following criteria:

Having family income not exceeding one (1) minimum wage, which must be demonstrated by the Labor and Social Security, Collection Guide to Social Security or other equivalent document;

Owning a single property intended solely to his house and his family, as long as exempt from property tax under the Municipal Law n. 2,786 / 90, as amended by Law n.2.950 / 93;

Be single-phase electricity consumers, whose consumption does not exceed 100 kWh / month;

Do not consume more than 20m³ / month of water.

2 – Register

To be benefited from the social tariff, the customer must be registered with the award that meets, proving the fulfillment of the requirements described above.

The Aegea intends to promote and increase the number of families served by the Social Tariff. Through programs like Afluentes (Affluent), Atendimento Itinerante (Itinerant Service) and Setorização Comercial (Commercial Sectorization), the company’s team identifies and registers low-income families.

Where customers are in debt and / or using irregularly water services, a special trading is made and installments, discounts and allowances are provided for the family to be regular and may be awarded the discount.

Every year, all social tariff recipients must head for the grant that meets them to renew their registration.