Sanear é Viver (Sanitize is Living)
Sanear é Viver (Sanitize is Living)

Education is one of the greatest tools of social awareness and transformation. Believing this, Águas Guariroba created in 2009, the Sanear é Viver program. It aims at enabling municipal school teachers and encouraging the approach of issues related to sanitation in the classroom.

The goal of the Sanear é Viver program is to multiply, through educators, knowledge about the importance of water and sewage services to the public health and environmental conservation. Each year, teachers of a specific discipline participate in the action, which has involved all teachers of science, mathematics and Portuguese of the municipal schools.


The program is conducted in partnership with the City Department of Education (SEMED). After attending a lecture on sanitation, educators participate in guided tours, where they get to know all the work and technology used in Campo Grande’s water systems and sewage. Part of the itinerary includes the Operational Control Center, the Guariroba water treatment and Los Angeles sewage treatment plant.

To encourage the approach to the subject in the classroom, a competition is launched among teachers to reward the top three lesson plans that combine the theme of sanitation to the educational content of the course worked with the students. The best works are awarded and published on the Águas Guariroba´s website.