ETE Los Angeles Park
ETE Los Angeles Park

Campo Grande is known as one of the most heavily forested city of the nation, with many parks and green areas. Águas Guariroba helps the city to keep its post with the opening of the ETE Los Angeles Park. At the location, the company built a Square of 95.000 square meters for community leisure, in addition to planting trees.

ETE Los Angeles Park brings benefits to residents of Jardim Colorado, Parque do Sol, Dom Antônio Barbosa and Parque Lageado, and is designed to change the concept of sewage treatment plants. Before the construction of the station, the area now that is occupied by the park was a totally degraded place. The current scenario is quite different: the place has a soccer field, sand courts, two playgrounds and a community military police post.

In addition to improve the urbanization and offer the residents a site for resting and leisure, the place is also used for social-educational activities. The purpose is that ETE Los Angeles Park can be an approaching link between the company and the community. With this philosophy, the Águas Guariroba has also built a Customer Service there.

Bom de Bola, Bom na Escola (Good with a Ball, Good at School)

The main activity at ETE Los Angeles Park is the project Bom de Bola, Bom na Escola, carried out by the Military Police along with local teenagers with the support of Águas Guariroba. Besides training soccer, the students receive tutoring classes and introduction to citizenship, discipline, prevention of drug use and violence.

In addition to provide a room for the classes and a soccer field for training, the company contributes to the project by donating materials, like sneakers and medals for the championships.