Estação do Saber (Knowledge Station)
Estação do Saber (Knowledge Station)

A space specially dedicated to knowledge, “Estação do Saber” is a facility set up by Águas Guariroba in the lobby of the largest water treatment facility in Campo Grande, Águas Guariroba ETA. The location has panels with information and curiosities about sanitation, the water cycle and the importance of conservation of water resources.

In “Estação do Saber”, you can also learn more about the work of Águas Guariroba and know how the water and sewage services in Campo Grande works. A “timeline” shows progress and the most important marks in the history of sanitation in the city.

Guariroba ETA receives frequent visits from schools, universities, community leaders, government officials and representatives of various institutions. Everyone who arrives at the station is received in “Estação do Saber”, which suits as support for environmental education activities developed by the company on site.

Museu do Hidrômetro (Water Meter Museum)

In addition to information boards, a small museum of water meters arouses the curiosity of visitors to the “Estação do Saber” On site, there are on display many different types of meters: the old pen water and water meters dating from the first half of the twentieth century are some of the “relics” of the collection. There are also rare meters, with large capacity, and also a sample of the main types of fraud in water meters.