Emissão Limpa Program (Clean Emissions)
Emissão Limpa Program (Clean Emissions)

The Emissão Limpa Program is a voluntary action that allows the total or partial neutralization of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GGE) through recognized and certified environmental projects. The program started at Águas Guariroba in 2010. The aim is to neutralize, by planting native trees, the greenhouse gases from the company operations, sewage treatment plants, fuel consumption of the vehicle fleet, electrical energy and bond paper.

The first step of the Clean Emissions Program is to define the scopes, quantify, organize data and make an inventory of the annual greenhouse gases emissions. At Águas Guariroba, we use criteria, definitions and requirements presented by the GHG Protocol – A Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard and in standard ISO 14064-1: Specification with guidance at the organization level for quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and removals.

Then, a calculation is made resulting on the number of trees needed in order to neutralize the emissions of the referenced year. The binding capacity adopted in the neutralization process was stipulated by the foundation SOS Mata Atlantica, in fixing CO2 in native forest reforestation.


Seedlings for planting are grown in the nursery maintained by Águas Guariroba in the area of Los Angeles sewage treatment plant. Planting is done preferably in the areas of the company, such as ETE Los Angeles Park and the surrounding region of the streams Guariroba and Lageado. Besides planting, the team of the company’s environment makes maintenance and monitoring to ensure the proper development of trees.

Minimizing the emission of greenhouse gases through the Clean Emissions Program, Águas Guariroba seeks to contribute to the conservation of the environment and goes forward toward corporate sustainability.