Água de reuso (Reuse Water)
Água de reuso (Reuse Water)

Tanques de reutilização (Reuse Tank)

Using innovation for the benefit of the environment and conservation of water, the Águas Guariroba implemented the Água de reuso project, which is the reuse of the filter backwash water in its two water treatment plants – the Guariroba ETA and Lajeado ETA.

The action contributes to the conservation of streams, it avoids all the water used to wash the filters, laden with sediment, is released in storm sewers. Rather than discarding, Guariroba reuses the water, which goes to the reuse tank and then is pumped back to the beginning of the treatment plant process.

The system reduces the need to remove the dam water to supply the city. Other benefits include savings in energy and of chemicals used in treatment.

Tratamento de Lodo (Sludge Treatment)

Another major innovation implemented by Águas Guariroba in its two water treatment plants is the destination of the sludge generated at the bottom of sedimentation tanks for sewage. Thus, the waste goes to the sewage treatment plant (STP) Los Angeles, where it receives proper treatment.

The project has represented a major advance, considering that giving an environmentally friendly destination to a viable cost for the sludge from decanters – waste inherent in the conventional type water treatment process – is a major challenge for sanitation companies.