Aegea, one of the largest private sanitation companies in the country, opens registrations for its 2021 trainee program on Wednesday. The company’s goal is to recruit young graduates from all over Brazil for an intensive 18-month training program. development of technical and behavioral skills to compose the company’s leadership.

“Preparing young people, at the beginning of their careers, to work in a sector that has been growing and with great challenges is one of the greatest benefits of the Aegea trainee program. We are in full expansion, in 2021 we will start serving more than 11 million people in 126 municipalities, and we have a culture based on diversity, continuous learning and innovation to bring more efficiency to the sector and to reverse the deficit in basic sanitation ” , says Fernando Carneiro, human resources manager at Aegea Saneamento.

The entire selection process, from registration to dynamics, will be online. Candidates from all over the country can participate since they graduated between December 2016 and December 2019, with a bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, Economic Sciences, Information Systems, Computer Science and Systems Analysis courses. Having availability for travel and mobility to move to any city and / or state, domain of the Office package and intermediate English are the other requirements to participate in the selection. Registrations can be made until 01/15/2021 through the website

The selection process will be divided into six stages. After the curriculum analysis, the selected candidates will pass online tests and then participate in the game Repense, in a group dynamic and will go through the stage that consists of a video interview with the human resources area. The finalists go on to a panel and interview with the manager.

In its 5th edition, Aegea’s trainee program is nationwide and will have 20 vacancies. During the period, trainees will rotate through different areas of the company, in different units, and can be transferred to work in any of the regions where the company is present.

This rotation will allow the trainee to identify the different realities and challenges of the company, get to know people and areas and understand how they are connected with Aegea’s purpose, to move lives promoting more dignity and health for the population of the cities where it provides services. basic sanitation services.

In just over 10 years of creation, Aegea Saneamento has been building a success story and a fundamental part of this trajectory comes from its governance and the recognition of human capital as an important asset. In 2014, it created the Aegea Academy, its corporate education center, which offers various courses, training and training for its employees, an initiative that will also be part of the trainees’ daily lives.

Among the company’s differentials is “Respect Dá o Tom”, Aegea’s racial diversity and equality program launched in September 2017. The initiative has three main pillars – employability, development and relationship – promotes equity in opportunities for access to company and professional growth of employees who call themselves blacks and browns and promotes actions that contribute to education and awareness in order to combat racial discrimination.

The salary is compatible with the position and, among the benefits, the company offers profit sharing, medical and dental assistance, life insurance, food vouchers and transportation.