The Saneamento Brasil Panel was recently launched, created by the Trat Brazil Institute, one of the main entities that works to raise awareness of the importance of basic sanitation and protecting the country’s water resources.

The new website provides information on the coverage of basic sanitation services in more than 200 Brazilian municipalities, correlating them with economic development and social, something that can be seen by the improvement of health, education and income indicators, accompanying investments and expansion of the sanitation network. The Institute also intends to gradually increase the portal’s database and provide information on Brazilian cities with more than 50 thousand inhabitants, totaling 839 municipalities by the end of this year.

The initiative is an innovation from the point of view of transparency of information and evidences the impacts caused by the lack of basic sanitation in people’s lives, as it brings data – previously contained in sources and scattered reports – in a single place, so that they can be easily compared .

The platform allows the visualization of the sector through regional cuts, which contributes to a better understanding of internal inequalities that Brazil presents. The portal aims to be a basis for monitoring and planning public policies to reduce the sanitation deficit, in addition to informing about the importance of prioritizing the topic within the country’s development agenda.

This is one of the points defended by Aegea: transparency in the actions implemented and the contractual goals signed in each municipality. The population has to know the sanitation scenario in their municipality and state. Only by knowing the real dimension of the problem to be overcome is it possible to outline effective ways and strategies for the country to combat the sanitation deficit.

To have more information about the uneven portrait that Brazil faces today, know what Hamilton Amadeo, CEO of Aegea, thinks in the article “It is fundamental to dimension”.