The city of Teresina has gained an interactive space on the water cycle. The Fonte do Saber Station – Antônio de Passos Nunes Rocha located at the Sul Water Treatment Station (ETA – Sul). The space, opened in February, has an environment similar to that of a science laboratory, with playful and interactive activities. The objective is to expand environmental education and contribute to the formation of more aware citizens.

With the theme “From the water we use to the water we deplete: taking care of the health of the planet”, the Fonte do Saber Station presents the main processes through which water passes, from the withdrawal of water sources, its use and its return to nature. The space also shows the phenomena that illustrate the behavior of water in different situations, in addition to its main characteristics.

The Knowledge Station has two spaces: The first shows a terrestrial globe with the presence of water on the planet, in addition to the sanitation village, where the differences between the treated water, sewage and rainwater networks are explained. Through the scientific facilities, the idea is to create an intriguing and welcoming atmosphere so that visitors have a unique experience. The space has a series of equipment that refer to the history of water in the life of mankind and also to the processes used during the treatment of sewage.

Visitors will also visit the electric power generation station, which consists of four generator bicycles, one of which is adapted for wheelchair users. When activated, the bicycles will generate enough energy to start the pumps that will take water to the water tanks of the buildings. The idea is to make evident the high energy consumption in the water and sewage treatment units.

The outdoor area brings interactive attractions, such as a replica of the Teresina aqueduct and a house with an apparent hydraulic circuit, from the entrance of the house to the exit to the simulated sewer network. Thus, children will know the most common leaks and their impacts on consumption, raising awareness for the correct use of water and how to monitor consumption through the hydrometer. Another attraction is the acoustic shells, through which visitors can communicate at a distance of up to 80 meters.

“Fonte do Saber Station complements the purpose of making Teresina a reference in basic sanitation. We understand that we must invest massively in educating the citizens of the future through the proper use of water ”, stressed Águas de Teresina’s CEO, Cleyson Jacomini.

The space is open to the public and admission is free. To schedule a visit just access the website