Piracicaba is ranked 1st in the total sewage service indexes

Basic sanitation in Piracicaba (SP), Serra and Vila Velha (ES) has undergone great evolution as reported by the Basic Sanitation 2020 Ranking, developed by Instituto Trat Brasil, in partnership with GO Associados. The study addresses several water and sewage indicators in the country’s 100 largest cities based on data from the National Sanitation Information System (SNIS).

The concessionaires Mirante (Piracicaba-SP), Ambiental Serra and Ambiental Vila Velha (ES) are responsible for the collection and treatment of sewage in the municipalities in question, through public-private partnerships (PPP) and have contributed to the advancement of quality indexes in these cities.

Piracicaba is ranked 1st in the total sewage service rates, with 100% coverage. The city of Serra had a rate of 69.32% of total sewage service, an increase of 5.4% in coverage compared to 2019, Vila Velha reached 52.87%, an increase of 2.5% in coverage.

“These results confirm the solidity and success of public-private partnerships, to achieve the universalization of basic sanitation in Brazil. Aegea believes that working together, investments and expertise in the sector are fundamental items to offer healthier and more dignified lives to the population ”. Says Rogério Tavares, vice president of institutional relations at Aegea.

In the general ranking, which includes all technical factors, the evolution is also noticeable with Piracicaba being the 6th place (8th place in 2019), Serra the 41st and Vila Velha 66th (47th and 72nd, respectively in 2019).