Aegea Saneamento was one of the companies invited to present its initiatives and projects aimed at incorporating cutting-edge technology at the BIM 4.0 event: The future is now, promoted by the Zigurat Global Institute of Tecnhology, on March 5, at the Union of Engineers from Sao Paulo.

Wagner Carvalho, Leader of the Aegea Infra Intelligent Program, presented and demonstrated the tool, conducting a simulated live virtual tour at the future Pirajá sewage treatment plant (ETE), in Teresina-PI, located about 2,600 km from São Paulo . This connection was made through the Infra Inteligente BIM laboratory, located in Santa Barbara D’Oeste.

According to Wagner, “it was fantastic to bring our BIM laboratory to the union of engineers in São Paulo. Providing an immersive and multi-user environment for a future facility that is located a long distance away is incredible and reinforces the company’s commitment to always seek innovative solutions that result in healthier lives. ”

Faced with the need for faster and more effective solutions, the term BIM – Building Information Modeling, in Portuguese Construction Information Modeling, is increasingly in evidence. It is a concept of projects in 3D models, easier to assimilate and more faithful to the product. The event gathered in São Paulo an audience of infrastructure and technology professionals, students and people interested in the theme.

The Infra Inteligente Program aims to incorporate data intelligence and technology to manage efficiency gains, bringing the ability to align expectations and transform the future of the entire segment.

Aegea Saneamento believes in and invests in innovative actions in sanitation to provide more dignified and healthier lives. The company seeks continuous improvement in services, respecting the peculiarities and the sustainable cycle of each region, with environmental and social commitment.