Event held in São Paulo between November 17th and 19th.

Jack Sim took an important step 19 years ago to put into practice what has become his life purpose: transforming the reality of thousands of people who lack basic sanitation through the World Toilet Foundation.

His initiative arrived in Latin America through the World Toilet Summit – the largest sanitation event in the world, in parallel to the time when the country, which has millions of Brazilians without the coverage of water (+35 million) and sewage services ( +100 million), discusses the approval of a new regulatory framework.

Several awards later and bringing to the global debate the urgency of public policies for sanitation, Mr. Toilet, as he is affectionately known, makes an important lesson clear: the power of action, articulation and engagement for a cause can make the difference.

Aegea Saneamento believes in and shares this same purpose and that is why it was one of the partners of this great and unprecedented event in Latin America. The company seeks continuous improvement in sanitation services in Brazil, respecting the peculiarities and the sustainable cycle of each region, with environmental and social commitment.