Aegea was one of the participants in the “Sanitation Challenges and Opportunities for a New Sector” Forum, held on September 14th. The event counted on specialists to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the sector, mainly with the new regulatory framework of sanitation. Rogério Tavares, vice president of institutional relations at Aegea, was one of the panelists on the panel “How will the current and new players in the sector behave in the face of the New Regulatory Framework”.

The executive highlighted the intense work carried out by the MDR (Ministry of Regional Development) so that the sector has safe points and delimited with the new regulatory framework and Aegea’s efforts in actions that benefit the most needy population.

“The new law has as its central theme the confrontation with the sector’s great deficit. One of the focuses of Aegea is the most vulnerable population, which urgently needs improvements and access to basic sanitation, as evidenced by the Covid-19 pandemic. We need to work more and more efficiently, more actively, understanding the needs of each region. There is no point in taking the service and the population was unable to pay, we have to be efficient both in our operations and in our rates ”. Said Rogério Tavares.

The panel included the director of operations at Iguá Saneamento, Péricles Weber, the vice president of corporate affairs and regulation of BRK Ambiental, Daniela Sandoval, the specialist in corporate law at Azevedo Sette Advogados, Leonardo Moreira and the vice president of Corporate Management da Casal, Victor Vigolvino. The event was moderated by the coordinator of the MBA course on Sanitation at FESP / London School of Economics – LSE, Rafael Castilho.

Aegea Saneamento believes that the dialogue between different representatives of the sector can result. Working together and understanding the scenario are essential for actions that result in an improvement in the quality of life of Brazilians. The Forum was promoted by the newspaper O Estado de S.Paulo, Hiria and with the support of the business consultancy LMDM.