The rapid evolution and spread of COVID-19 among Brazilian cities has worried governments and aroused the need for collaborative responses to slow the spread of contamination. In order to reduce the impacts on public health, Aegea and its concessionaires have taken several actions to help the 8.9 million people served by the company.

“We believe that the company should contribute to actions that go beyond its activities to combat the coronavirus, reaffirming our purpose of providing healthier lives. We know that our role as a provider of basic sanitation services in the country becomes even more necessary and urgent in the fight against COVID-19 ”, says Radamés Casseb, CEO of Aegea Saneamento.

Among the initiatives, the company is disinfecting public roads with a large circulation of people, implementing new procedures to guarantee the maintenance of service to its users and suspending water supply cuts – even in cities where no decrees were issued prohibiting the use of water. default water supply.

In partnership with the Manaus City Hall, the company installed 14 public sinks in central areas of the city to serve the homeless population. The sinks have a soap dispenser and posters that show how to sanitize your hands and act without your hands. The concessionaire also intensified work to regularize supply in areas of vulnerable population. The Águas de Manaus concessionaire is also producing alcohol gel in its internal laboratory, so that employees who work in external activities can perform hand and equipment hygiene.

In Teresina (PI), the company donated basic food baskets and entered into a partnership with Rede Pense Piauí for the production and distribution of alcohol and masks for the hospital chain. The city and Matão, in the interior of São Paulo, received the donation of personal protective equipment (PPE) from the company.

For the cities of Serra and Vila Velha, in Espírito Santo, Aegea supported with personal hygiene materials. The company also donated basic food baskets to Piracicaba (SP), Campo Grande (MS) and Barcarena (PA).

Aegea Saneamento believes that these actions are essential to fight the coronavirus. The company seeks continuous improvement in services, contributing to the preservation and optimization of resources, especially in the context of COVID-19, respecting the peculiarities and the sustainable cycle of each region, with environmental and social commitment.