On February 20, Aegea Saneamento announced the appointment of Radamés Casseb as the Company’s new Chief Executive Officer. The executive has solid experience in the infrastructure area, with 10 years in the sanitation sector, and will succeed Hamilton Amadeo in charge of the company. Since the founding of Aegea, Hamilton Amadeo has built a successful trajectory in the company and opens space for the renewal of the company’s leadership, reinforcing the opportunities generated by the Talent Management Program and moving the company’s evolutionary cycle.

Radamés joined Aegea in 2011 as Director of Operations. In this period, Aegea registered a respectable growth, expanding its participation in the sector with a presence in 11 states, 49 municipalities, offering sanitation solutions to more than seven million people.

He graduated in Informatics and has specializations in Infrastructure Management, from Fundação Getúlio Vargas, and in Advanced Management, from Fundação Dom Cabral / INSEAD. Before joining Aegea, he held leadership positions in infrastructure companies such as CIBE Participações e Empreendimentos.

As the new CEO of Aegea, Radamés will continue the evolution of the company with a focus on maximizing the company’s performance.

“Aegea prioritizes the efficiency of its operations, allowing the evolution of the quality of life of our customers, thus providing more dignified and healthier lives, respecting the peculiarities of each region.” says Radamés Casseb.

The company appreciates Hamilton Amadeo’s legacy. Throughout its trajectory, the company has become the largest in the private sector of basic sanitation in Brazil with about five thousand employees, from north to south of the country, who work to reduce the deficit in sanitation and improve the indicators of human development municipalities where it operates.