Last week, Wagner Oliveira de Carvalho, Leader of the Aegea Saneamento Infra Intelligent Program, participated in a masterclass, promoted by Zigurat E-Learning, which addressed the digital transformation of sanitation with BIM (Building Information Modeling).

Wagner spoke about the challenges of smart city projects, highlighting how the Aegea Infra Intelligent Program incorporates data intelligence into technology. In this way, raising the resilience of systems through efficient management coupled with the ability to transform the future of sanitation, as well as its preparation for moments like the one we are experiencing – health crisis.

“In this class it was possible to show a little bit of our hydraulic modeling project BIM (Building Information Modeling) that resulted in the winning of the Bentley world award in Singapore 2017. These actions consolidate us as a company that seeks technological solutions for continuous improvement in our operations and services provided to the population. ” Wagner said.

The class, broadcast between Brazil and Spain, had one of the largest audiences in the masterclass promoted by Zigurat. On the occasion, Wagner answered questions from participants and experts who accompanied the virtual meeting. The full content can be viewed at this link:

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