In a financial results report published this week, Aegea once again achieved positive results in the second quarter, which prove its steady growth path. In the first half, the company recorded net income of R $ 120.52 million, an amount 15.60% higher than the same period of the previous year.

Another indicator that improved, indicating the company’s financial strength, was its EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization), which in the last 12 months reached R $ 1.02 billion. In the semester, this index totaled R $ 559.05 million, an increase of 61.77%. The EBITDA margin in the semester was 53.80%, seven percentage points higher than in the same period in 2018, which shows the increase in efficiency in operations.

“This result reinforces that we are on the right path by keeping investments in improving the operation as a priority, which has allowed us to reduce costs and gain efficiency and, at the same time, improve the quality indicators of our services”, says Flávio Crivellari, Aegea CFO.

The main factor for this improvement was the results achieved in the Águas de Manaus concessionaire, acquired in June 2018 and which will now have its indexes consolidated in the results of the holding company. The capital of Manaus, which has a market share of 23.1% among the group’s operations, is already Aegea’s largest concession in terms of population and the forecast is that it will soon become the largest operation in terms of revenue.

In the 12-month period up to the second quarter of 2019, Aegea invested R $ 644.20 million, a very significant amount representing more than 60% of its turnover in the period.

Highlight for the efforts to consolidate the company’s management model in the last two acquisitions of the group (Águas de Teresina and Manaus), with a focus on improving and expanding the water supply in these cities, reversing a scenario of lack of water and irregular service to the population, parallel to a strategy of relationship with the community in order to regularize connections, negotiate debts and expand the user base assisted by the Social Tariff regime in these cities.

Since taking over the Amazon concession, Aegea has increased the number of families covered by the program by more than 70%. Today, more than 5,200 families have subsidies on their water bills.

It is with this look at the local development of where it operates and to improve the quality of life of people that Aegea has grown in the market, expanding its presence in the sanitation sector in the country and contributing to the improvement and expansion of customer service networks. citizen.