Aegea Saneamento has reached universal water supply in Teresina, capital of Piauí. In just three years of operation, the company, through its Águas de Teresina concession, fulfilled the first goal of the sub-concession contract. The ceremony to commemorate this important achievement took place today, September 8, in a virtual event attended by the Governor of the State of Piauí, Wellington Dias, by the president of the Trat Brasil Institute, Édison Carlos, Mayor of Teresina, Firmino Filho and Cleyson Jacomini, CEO of Águas de Teresina.

The consolidation of the fulfillment of this contractual goal resulted in the universalization of water supply to the population, benefiting all properties located in the regular urban area of ​​the city with access to the treated water distribution service. There are more than 800 thousand people benefited. “The universalization of sanitation is important not only for the sector, but also in the area of ​​health, tourism and education, because when you have good drinking water and treated sewage, the family improves as a whole,” said Édison Carlos .

“This achievement brings a very significant preventive gain to health since, by guaranteeing treated water to the population, we provide more dignified and healthier lives, also reinforcing disease prevention. In this pandemic moment, our role as a provider of basic sanitation services in the country becomes even more necessary and urgent ”, says Radamés Casseb, CEO of Aegea Saneamento.

Águas de Teresina carried out important works that increased the production and distribution capacity, making the system more modern and guaranteeing its operational efficiency, such as the expansion of the Water Treatment Stations, ETA Norte and ETA Sul, the latter being responsible for 80% of water produced for the entire city. Other works of continuous improvement were carried out, such as the installation of 16.5 km of new pipelines, in addition to the activation and drilling of 12 new deep tubular wells that enable the expansion of water distribution to the population.

In order to identify non-conformities and anticipate solutions, the company invested in the automation of the sanitation system, resulting in 151 units / assets that received automation and telemetry in the city, including: wells; Treated Water Pumping Stations; Sewage Pumping Stations; reservoirs; water pumping units, among others.

From the automation of operational and active units, Águas de Teresina is able to monitor in real time the water and sewage systems through the Control and Operations Center (CCO), detecting any non-compliance, such as pressure variation in the network, leaks and shortages.

The company also accelerated its works to expand and regularize the water network in underserved regions of Teresina, taking water and changing the reality for 32,500 residents of consolidated occupations, who were not covered by this service.

“We faced the issue of supply with a lot of priority right at our entrance and today we can speak with conviction that chronic problems have been remedied and we have, for example, a period like the B-R-O Bró more peaceful, without occurrences of shortages, even with the high temperature. Ensuring access to treated water is more than a commitment as a service provider, but the guarantee that we are bringing health and quality of life to the population ”, highlights the CEO of Águas de Teresina, Cleyson Jacomini.

In parallel, actions to reduce water loss rates were carried out in the capital of Piauí. With the operational model adopted by Aegea’s concessionaires, in Teresina it has already been possible to reduce water losses by almost 31%, since Águas de Teresina started operations in the city.