Event held by Credit Suisse in São Paulo between January 28 and 29.

2020 faces different challenges for the economy and infrastructure in Brazil. This scenario also shows good prospects for basic sanitation, such as the approval of the New Sanitation Regulatory Framework.

In this context, Rogério Tavares, Vice President of Institutional Relations at Aegea was invited to participate in the panel “Água do Brasil: triggering development through regulation”, at the 7th edition of the Latin America Investment Conference – one of the most important finance events , carried out by Credit Suisse.

“The approval of the New Sanitation Regulatory Framework will be beneficial for everyone, it will attract new investors to the sector. It is a good and new regulation, generating new revenues and better services, resulting in better services and quality of life for the population ”, highlighted Rogério Tavares.

The panel also included Fábio Abrahão, Director of Infrastructure, Concessions and PPPs at BNDES and Carlos Castro, CEO of Copasa.

Aegea Saneamento believes in and shares the benefits of the new regulatory framework for sanitation and the opportunities that the initiative can generate to provide more dignified and healthier lives. The company seeks continuous improvement in services, respecting the peculiarities and the sustainable cycle of each region, with environmental and social commitment.