Sustainability policy

Our business is aimed at providing services of water supply and sewage, in accordance with the legal requirements and the best market practices, with economic efficiency, respect for the environment and people, in order to contribute to the quality of life and health of the population in the areas where we operate.

To do so, the company is committed to seeking a sustainable development in its broadest sense, having as strategic guidelines for its business:

– Creation of value for all the links in its chain;
– Continuous and sustainable improvement of its processes;
– Constant search for innovative solutions;
– Transparency and accountability in the dissemination of information.


– Prevention of pollution and actions aimed at protecting the environment;
– Management of aspects and impacts associated with its activities;
– Continuous search for energy use efficiency;
– Sustainable use of natural resources, particularly the water;
– Minimization of losses throughout its processes, reduction of waste generation, and water reuse;
– Continuous improvement of its environmental performance.


– Prevention of injuries and diseases of its employees, through risk management and risk analysis;
– Continuous improvement of our Health & Safety performance;
– Legal, ethical and transparent behavior with stakeholders;
– Human development of the communities where we operate;
– Promotion of Human Rights: we fight against corruption, child labor, moral and sexual harassment and forced or compulsory labor;
– Prevention of all forms of discrimination and respect for diversity.

Our Top Management is committed to the continuous and effective improvement of its Management System, by promoting the unfolding of these guidelines into its strategic objectives and processes, and constinuously performing critical reviews of its performance.