Sustainability policy

Provide water and sewage services in a sustainable manner, taking into account applicable legal requirements and other subscribed requirements, ensuring service quality, economic efficiency, respect for the environment and its employees, contributing to the improvement of life and health population. To this end, the company determines as its main strategic guidelines:


– Improved financial results
– Continuous and sustainable improvement of its processes
– Constant search for innovative solutions that add value to the business


-Prevention of pollution and environmental degradation, from its direct and indirect activities
– Continuous search for energy efficiency
– Sustainable use of natural resources, minimizing losses over its processes


– Injury prevention and diseases of its employees and those acting on their behalf
– Ethical and transparent behavior with stakeholders
– Human development of the community where it operates, including its employees

The Top Management is committed to continually improve the effectiveness of the Sustainable Management System, promoting the deployment of these guidelines in their strategic objectives and process-critical and periodic reviews of their performance.