Water Tank Cleaning
Water Tank Cleaning

How to clean your water tank:

  1. Schedule the washing day of your water tank. Preferably on weekends.
  2. Fix well the ladders so it does not slip.
  3. Start by closing the water valve in the entrance of the house or secure the float.
  4. Start emptying the tank, but do not throw the water away.
  5. Store the maximum possible in containers for using during the cleaning period.
  6. Leave a span of water at the bottom of the tank.
  7. Close the water exit so the reserved water is used during the washing and so the dirty does not go down the pipe.
  8. Wash its walls and the bottom with a vegetable fiber brush or with a soft plastic wire. Never use detergent soap or other product. Avoid steel brush or broom.
  9. Remove the washable water with a bucket and the dirty with a plastic paddle. Use a dry cloth to dry the bottom, avoiding it on the walls.
  10. Still with the tank closed, open the valve or untie the float to let enter a span of water.
  11. Close the valve or tie the float again. The, add a liter of sanitary water for each 1000 liters and wait for two hours.
  12. With a brush, bucket or plastic mug, wet the inner walls with a disinfectant solution. Wash the cover too.
  13. Check if the inner walls of the tank have dried out every 30 minutes. In case this happens, make a new mix until complete the two hours.
  14. Do not use this mix for other purposes.
  15. After the two hours period, still with the float tied or the valve closed, empty the tank by opening its water exit.
  16. Open all cocks and push the flush. With this, the pipes of the property will be also disinfected.
  17. Cover the tank properly so that no small animals, birds or dirty can enter in it. This avoids contamination and diseases transmission.
  18. Open the valve or untie the float so the water can be normally used. Write on the outside of the tank the cleaning date and repeat the process every six months.