Rational usage of water
Rational usage of water

Rational usage of water: Tips for saving up

During the shower

A fifteen minutes shower with the valve opened consumes 135 liters of water. With the cock closed while soaping, it reduces the water flow for five minutes, and the consumption falls for 45 liters.

Brushing the teeth

Brushing the teeth during five minutes with the cock opened consumes 12 liters of water. When brushing the teeth with the cock closed and rinsing the mouth with a cup of water, it its possible to save more than 11 liters.

Shaving the beard

Shaving the beard during five minutes consumes around 12 liters of water. When shaving with the cock closed, the consumption falls for three to two liters.


A sanitary bowl that flushes with valve consumes every six seconds from ten to 14 liters of water. Bowls with a tank saves up from four to eight liters each flushing.

Washing dishes

Washing dishes with the opened cock consumes during 15 minutes around 117 liters of water. Just by closing the cock while soaping the dishes, the consumption fall to 20 liters of water.

Watering plants

Watering the plants for ten minutes consumes 180 liters of water. During the winter, watering the plants every other day, we reduce the consumption to 96 liters of water.

Washing the sidewalk

Washing the sidewalk with a hose for 15 minutes consumes 209 liters of water. Using a broom saves up water in 100%.

Covering the pool

A medium-sized pool exposed to the sun and wind loses around 3685 liters of water in a month with evaporation. When using a protection, the loss is reduced in 90%, reaching up a value of 378 liters of water evaporation a month.

Washing the car

Washing the car with a hose for half an hour can consume 560 liters of water. Washing the car once a month using a bucket reduces the consumption to only 40 liters.