Saúde Nota 10 (Grade A Health)
Saúde Nota 10 (Grade A Health)

The Saúde Nota 10 is an environmental education program developed by Águas Guariroba since 2006 in order to raise awareness of students to the importance of using treated water and sewage for conservation of the environment, health and improving the quality of people’s lives.

Saúde Nota 10 Program is put into practice by the team of Social Projects of Águas Guariroba, in partnership with schools and municipal and state departments of education. Over 90,000 students from 109 Campo Grande teaching units have participated in the program. In 2013, the program was to be held in Prolagos and Águas do Mirante, sanitation companies that are also part of the Aegea holding. Today, several other concessions develop the program.

Guaribinha e Sua Turma (Guaribinha and his Gang)

All students participating in the Saúde Nota 10 Program in Águas Guariroba receive an environmental education magazine entitled “Guaribinha e Sua Turma no Mundo Encanado (Guaribinha and His Gang in the Piped World)”. The material was developed especially for educational work in schools.

The Saúde Nota 10 Program includes classroom lectures and activities for students of different age groups. Then, design contests, phrase and writing on the theme “Water and Sewage Treaties: Health for All” are proposed. The goal is to encourage children and adolescents to seek information and produce papers on the subject “sanitation”.

Theater and Awards

The most exciting moment of the Health Note 10 Program in Águas Guariroba is the closing event: third place receive kits with shirt and squeezes; second place receive a backpack; for the first place the prize is a custom bike.

In addition to the awards, there is the presentation of the puppet theater play “Guaribinha in the Piped World”, which in a playful way deals with issues related to health, hygiene, sanitation and environment.