Equipav Institute
Equipav Institute

The Equipav Institute was created in 2013 in response to a longstanding desire of the matriarchs of Toledo and Vettorazzo families, founders of Equipav Group, to contribute to the development and quality of life of the communities covered by the operating units.

Its programs in social, environmental, educational and cultural areas are based on criteria of quality, reliability and real opportunities for personal and professional growth of its actors.

Non profitable and with nationwide purposes, the Equipav Institute is responsible for strategy and for monitoring social investments of the Equipav Group. Each Equipav Institute program receives special attention from a manager of the local unit in order to anticipate any eventualities during the process. The aim is to ensure the smooth progress of the actions, as well as the final results of the program. For each project, the Institute has set a goal using a results evaluation methodology, which enables the continuity or the repositioning of the offered support.

The actions of the Equipav Institute may be followed on the social networks and the institution website.