Campanha do Agasalho (Winter clothing Campaign)
Campanha do Agasalho (Winter clothing Campaign)

Campanha do Agasalho is a voluntary action taken annually by employees of Águas Guariroba, with the support of family, friends and partners – including companies, government agencies, community leaders and civil society.

The action involves the whole city: with the support of various segments of society, Águas Guariroba plans the strategies, establishes locals of collection and coordinates actions to collect warm clothing. The campaign’s goal is to help people in extreme poverty who live in Campo Grande to face the winter with more comfort, safety and dignity.

The company distributes points for clothing collection in all its units and customer service outlets, in addition to distributing collection boxes to partner institutions: schools, condominiums, shops, etc. The campaign has also the support of the media and is widely released.

Arrastão da Solidariedade (Solidarity Trawler)

The highlight of Águas Guariroba Winter Campaign is the Arrastão da Solidariedade. In this event, which is usually held on a Saturday, volunteers gather in front of the Company headquarters, go out in a large motorcade downtown, and then proceed to the districts of all areas of the city in order to collect warm clothing. In all editions, more than 500 people have participated in the action. Mobilization is cheered by Águas Guariroba mascot, Guaribinha, the capybara.

The collection in the neighborhoods takes all day and is a real ant effort: dressed in the shirt of the campaign volunteers go from house to house asking the residents for donations. The city embraced the Winter Campaign. In each edition, the initiative receives more support from the population: in 2012 we registered about 60 thousand pieces of clothes, warm clothes, blankets and shoes.