Basic sanitation politics
Basic sanitation politics

The act # 11.445, of January 5th, 2007, establishes the national guidelines for basic sanitation in Brazil, determining the Union elaborates the Basic Sanitation National Plan (PNSB).

In order to enjoy the benefits provided by law, the Municipalities shall elaborate their municipal plans setting universalization sceneries of service rendering in addition, as titular, there are the following obligations:

1) Decide the service rendering form (direct or delegated) and the procedures of its operation.

2) Adopt parameters for the guarantee of the public health essential service, regarding quantity, uniformity and quality of the drinking water.

3) Define the responsible body for its regulation and inspection.

4) Establish the user´s rights and duties.

5) Establish the participation mechanisms and social control.

6) Build an information system about the services.

7) Define cases and conditions, foreseen by law and in the contracts, for intervention and recapture of the services rendering.

8) Define conditions for services rendering, involving its sustainability and technical, economic and financial viability.

9) Establish the collection system, taxes and prices composition, and subsidy politics.