Basic sanitation plan
Basic sanitation plan

The basic sanitation plan is the instrument of the sanitation public politics that establishes rules for contraction of concession of these services. Such as the sanitation politics, the plan shall be elaborated individually by the Municipalities or organized in partnership, without the possibility of delegating this obligation to third parties. The plan shall be revised each four years and shall possess the national and regional objectives and goals, and yet the programs and actions for the reach of theses.

The plan developed by the Municipalities shall express the society´s collective commitment regarding the way to rebuild sanitation, starting by reality analysis, planning objectives and strategies to positively transform it, defining how each segment will behave to achieve the established goals.

The formulation of the basic sanitation plan shall be made under coordination of the public powers, with the participation of all those who acts in the sanitation of a specific territory and for its population, regardless if they have or not access to the service. The sanitation actions are interdependent of the heath, habitation, environment, water resources among other actions.

Steps and activities for developing the Municipal Sanitation Plan


Guidelines definitions and basic concepts with general and specific guidance’s for each body related to basic sanitation.

Discussion about the Plan´s guidelines in public audience of the Advisory Committee with the participation of several society´s segments.

Elaboration of the diagnoses with the actual situation audit, identifying the shortages and establishing the restrained demand of each basic sanitation public service.

Prognostic performance with actual condition evaluation and projection for the horizon proposed by the Plan, considering the Municipal Director Plan, in case it exists.


Presentation of the first step conclusion to the Advisory Committee in public audience for critics and proposals directing.

Propositions performance contemplating the:

Guidelines for municipal action (works and services).

Administrative structure for Plan´s management and competences definition.

Permanent evaluation system and integrated to the municipal planning system.

Investments priorities with guidance to the implantation schedule.

Propositions discussion in public audiences of the Advisory Committee.

Final public audience performance of the Advisory Committee (Final Seminar) for discussion of the report and directing of the Plan to the City or Municipal Basic Sanitation Council, or equivalent.


Discussion by the City or Municipal Basic Sanitation Council or equivalent by the Municipal Legislative Branch. Approval by the City or Municipal Basic Sanitation Council or equivalent, and by the Municipal Legislative Branch with legislative sanction by the Head of the Municipal Executive.


Elaboration and approval of resolutions by the Council and regulatory decrees by the Head of Municipal Executive.

Necessary administrative changes execution in order to implement the Plan.

Budgetary forecasting performance.


Implementation of the actions proposed on the Plan.

Follow-up and evaluation

Quarterly follow-up and annual evaluation of the implementation of the Plan by the City or Municipal Basic Sanitation Council, or equivalent.