Atendimento Itinerante (Itinerant Service)
Atendimento Itinerante (Itinerant Service)

Águas Guariroba takes its customer service to the districts of Campo Grande. The idea is to facilitate access of the residents to the company and regularize the situation of water connections that are in debts. For so, in the Itinerant Service, special trading with good conditions are offered, such as installments and discounts in fines and debts. In parallel, field teams operate in the neighborhood combating illegal connections and performing various types of commercial services.

The Itinerant Service is performed on a vehicle specially equipped for this job. The action allows, especially to low-income residents and people living in neighborhoods distant from downtown Campo Grande, the opportunity to use the water and sewage services on a regular basis. The action is developed also at Prolagos, a sanitation company which is also part of the Aegea Sanitation Holding.

At Itinerant Service, residents can negotiate debts and fines flexibly, according to their financial conditions. There, they can request all kinds of services available in the conventional service stores: exchange for ownership, information update, accounts duplication, requests for new water connections and sewage, default installation of protection for water meters, high consumption verification, among others.

During the performance of the Itinerant Service in the neighborhood, families in poverty are identified by the field staff and also by appointment of community leaders. After the regularization of water connections, these customers are registered by the company and now they have a social tariff. The benefit provides a discount of 50% on the bills for customers who consume up to 20m³ of water and are within the criteria required by municipal law No. 3928, of December 26, 2001.