Água de reúso

Using innovation in favor of the environment and of water preservation, Águas Guariroba has deployed a project called “Água de reúso”, which is reusing water from the washing of filters in both its water treatment stations – ETA Guariroba and ETA Lajeado.

This action has contributed for the preservation of the creeks because it prevents all water used to wash filters, full of sediments, from being released into rain water galleries. Instead of discarding, Águas Guariroba reuses this water, which then follows to the reuse tank and is pumped again into the beginning of the process at the treatment station.

This system reduces the need to remove water from the dam to supply the city. Other benefits are saving of power and chemicals used in the treatment.

 Iodine Treatment

Another great innovation deployed by Águas Guariroba at its two water treatment stations is the destination of the Iodine generated at the bottom of the decanters to the sewage network. Thus, the residue moves on to the Los Angeles sewage treatment station (ETE), where it is adequately treated.

This project represented a great progress, since providing an environmentally correct destination to Iodine – a residue that is inherent to the conventional water treatment process – in the decanters at a feasible cost is one of the greatest challenges for sanitation companies.