A school to strengthen the brand

Aegea Academy is like a seed that was planted in 2014, and it started growing in 2015 and shall be complete in 2016. But as a tree that grows new branches and ramifications every year, the academy will also strengthen more and more with time.

With a successful operational model and working on the perspective to triple its size by 2018, Aegea made increasing investments in order to improve more and more the performance of the professionals that act in its companies. A demonstration of it was the creation of the Aegea´s Administrative Center (AAC), in Santa Bárbara d’Oeste (SP), in order to support the growth and keep the quality standards and efficiency in the services rendered. The ACC assumed the trainings management, reinforcing the people´s appreciation politics. For each new implanted unit, the priority for the promotions inside the workforce is given.

The generated career opportunities results in advantages to the works and for the company that, with more qualified professionals, offer better services for the users. Therefore, the investments in people are part of its DNA and have been a common practice since the holding´s creation in 2010. Now, after growing this kind of operation, the company takes one more important step in this direction and creates the Aegea Academy; an ongoing training tool for employees that will encourage professional training, research and production of academic materials linked the management in sanitation concessions.

Knowledge accessible to all

By creating the academy, the goal is to consolidate the acquired competences, enhance skills and strengthen attitudes that have been built throughout the trajectory of Aegea´s companies. The creation is a result of a wide study, deeply performed in the unities of Nascentes do Xingu, Mato Grosso, in Águas Guariroba, in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, in Prolagos, which acts in five cities of Região dos Lagos, in Rio de Janeiro, and in corporate departments, such as ACC. The result was a real diagnostic of the assets management, which started in 2014. It took months of much dialog, data analysis and planning, aiming detect the level of maturity of the company’s asset management. The academy will enable all this knowledge, which is strong, consolidated and very homogeneous, it will stop being individualistic to become accessible to employees from all units.

A well-planned career and a better future for all

One of Aegea´s Academy advantage is that this study performed allowed to make a wide radiography of the functional board, which goes beyond these traditional databases. In addition to information such as school record and previous experience documents, it includes a register that informs the potential the employees have to develop, where they want and they can get. With the academy, the worker can plan his/her career, know what competences he/she needs to develop and how can this can be done.

Acting in three dimensions

The Aegea Academy has a three-dimensional framework: it is structured in the levels of knowledge, the degree of maturity of the concessions and the types of assets. It is from this perspective on that it will act with courses, training and activities that will meet the peculiarities of each axle or combination between them.

They have several areas: knowledge levels can be operational, tactical or strategic; the time of maturity from 0 to 5 years, from 6 to 15, and 15 to 35; and the types of assets can be physical (all equipment, company´s machines), human (people and competences linked to them), informational (information systems, reports and media), financial (grants, contributions and resources involved in internal and external activities) and intangible activities (also divided between internal and external). The modules that make up the Aegea´s Academy basic grid will have content to meet the specific needs of the three levels of dimensions.

Steps for Aegea Academy

The grid of courses will be set according to the needs of the units and its company as a whole. The first class of Aegea Academy will be officially formed in the first half of 2015, with financial management modules for all trainees, directors and some managers. The focus is the cash management of the tactical and strategic level. In the second semester, the schedule will be focused on the tactical and operational levels, with content dedicated to maintenance planning and control, alignment between everyday´s strategic project´s and tactical plans.

The idea is to add content every semester to expand the content available until the academy is able to meet all dimensions. Two pilot projects were performed last year: an Asset Management Fundamentals and other about strategic tools. The trainings happened at ACC for all trainees. This year´s modules will be performed in Águas Guariroba and in Prolagos, initial campus of Aegea Academy. With the project´s evolution, other units can be transformed in campus.