The document, first published in 2012, contains rules and guidelines to ensure an ethical, responsible and transparent business environment

During an era of plea bargains, investigations and sanctions, society is giving a clear sign that it is time to blaze a new trail, with greater transparency and zero tolerance for any type of business misconduct. In this situation, words like compliance are increasingly commonplace in the workplace.

Compliance comes from the word comply, which means acting in accordance with predetermined rules. Based on this, Aegea has revised and updated its 2012 Code of Conduct to ensure that its shareholders, management, employees, third parties, suppliers and business partners conduct any relationships – inside or outside the company – in an ethical and responsible manner that guarantees transparency.

The document summarizes the company culture that should exist throughout its current structure, helping to guide Aegea’s development. The material is based on the ethical principles underpinning the company and define it as a robust and reliable organization. They reflect the company’s identify and its commitment to the sanitation market, including processes that involve the entire water cycle.

The Code consolidates the company’s efforts to comply with applicable business regulations. It also sets out the commitment to establishing support mechanisms so that all shareholders, management, employees, suppliers and business partners can be instructed and trained on the regulations under which the company currently operates. “We have a very intense communication and training schedule that began in March”, said Tamara Willmann, Aegea’s Integrity manager.

Interview Tamara – integrity department

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