An interview with Integrity manager Tamara Willmann discusses compliance efforts and targets in 2017

Today, society wants to find new avenues as we move toward the future. Aegea noted the need to improve its compliance processes in order to focus on education and prevent and punish misconduct, as well as highlight compliance throughout Aegea and build trust on the market. Tamara Willmann, the Integrity Department manager, talks about the company’s compliance targets and challenges:

Why do you need a compliance program?
We have a high level of exposure because of our relationship with government agencies. This is why we have the program, to strengthen the company and help us address sensitive issues. The department was created in line with our strategic plans and in the knowledge that ethics and integrity are priority issues.

“The program does not belong to me, the CEO or the Board – it belongs to the company. It is important to ensure that management is aware of this issue to ensure the compliance program is a success.”

What stage is the program at?
There was a working group that was transformed into the Integrity Department in March. We have revised the Code of Conduct, which has been expanded with best practices. We will be implementing 15 policies in 2017, including the anticorruption policy, money laundering prevention, internal investigation procedures, bidding for tenders and a ban on facilitation payments. We also have an intense communication and training schedule for 2017.

What will the biggest challenge be?
Ensuring that everyone at Aegea is involved and instigating a sens of responsibility, because the program is not mine, not the CEO’s and not the Board’s – it is the company’s. It is important to ensure that employees are aware of this issue to ensure the compliance program is a success.

What are Aegea’s short-term targets?
This is an ongoing process, in constant evolution. One of our priorities is to train teams on these issues. Compliance Total, the company supporting us during this process, has structure compliance training courses that will use a distance learning format. Based on these courses, the Aegea compliance area will produce in-house courses to push the program forward. We believe that in two or three years, we will be able to see even more robust changes in our culture.

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