Aegea hereby announces the beginning of a strategic partnership with TaKaDu aiming to account with its deep technologic expertise and analytics to monitor water networks. The Campo Grande-based concessionaire Águas Guariroba will serve as a pilot-project for deploying the TaKaDu technology, that is meant to be applied to all Aegea´s concessionaires.

The project will be hold and managed by GSS (Gestão de Sistemas de Saneamento), an Aegea´s subsidiary created aiming to strengthening and broadening its works and presence in the ntire sanitation chain of value, providing services to public and private entities by accounting with its knowledge and expertise, which scopes Contracts of Performance (Loss Reduction), Commercial and Distribution Management.

The TaKaDu solution in an innovative software-as-a-service for Water Network  Management. The cloud-based solution converts existing network data into real-time insights, views, reports and alerts about network inefficiencies using sophisticated statistical algorithms to allow early detection, better operation and efficient management.

“We are excited about this partnership with Aegea, which is our first customer in Brazil and look forward to strengthen our position in the Brazilian water industry – definitely a fast mover in infrastructure development” said Amir Peleg, TaKaDu’s founder and CEO. “Being known for its high efficiency and low water loss, it is no surprise that Águas Guariroba be the first Brazilian concessionaire to adopt TaKaDu. I am sure TaKaDu will help the company preserve its network efficiency and improve performance even further”.


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