Three of the best lesson plans prepared by geography teachers at the Municipal School on “Geography and sanitation ” were awarded through the program “Sanear é viver”. The project is conducted by Águas Guariroba in partnership with the Municipal Education ( Semed ) . The award ceremony took place at the dealership. ” The school curriculum thought and elaborate plans left clear benefits that sanitation provides health, environment and quality of life of our people,” said Secretary of Education of the municipality , José Chadid .

Teachers participated in a training offered by the dealership through lectures and visits made ​​to the company on the 1st and 02 October . Educators met in practice as it is done to treat the water that supplies the capital and were invited to participate in the contest lesson plan. About 710 teachers have participated in previous editions of “Sanear é viver” , and 390 of Mathematics , Science 140 and 180 of the Portuguese language.

According to the project manager ‘s social Águas Guariroba , Willian Carvalho , “Sanear é viver”, which is in its fourth edition , is an initiative that helps disseminate information on sanitation in schools . ” These teachers are replicators of knowledge offered in this training . And the award is an incentive for them to work content in the classroom , “said the manager .

The choice of the winning projects was carried out by a technical team from the Department of Education and the classification reported by representatives of Águas Guariroba, an Aegea company , sanitation holding of Equipav Group.


The first contest was with Professor Roze Mclaine Paiva de Freitas Rodrigues , School Nazira Anache , who won a notebook . “I started motivating students to interpret sanitation as they see it in their daily lives . Then they researched , gathered in a forum , where we give the opportunity for them to share their thoughts on the subject , forming critical citizens , reflecting and analyzing the situation in which they are living , “he explained .

The second place went to the teacher Lucimar Rodrigues , School Arlene Marques de Almeida , who took home a tablet . ” It is important to bring this information to the population . What is practiced in the classroom , students reproduce outside, they take home talk with family members , “said the teacher .

In third place was the teacher’s lesson plan Deroci Feitosa da Silva Junior School Colonel Sebastian Lima , who took a camera . “Receiving this award is to encourage our work as an educator to show in a practical way for them , as is the importance of sanitation , water resources , this is our main goal ,” said the author of the award-winning lesson plan .

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