The board of EMASA – Water and Sanitation Company of Barra do Garças – launched on Friday, 27/09, in partnership with the municipal education, Programa Sáude Nota 10. The program presentation was made at the Auditorium of the Municipality of Barra do Garças for directors and coordinators of public schools, as well as representatives of the municipal council of education.

The program will take notions of health and quality of life for Barra do Garças´s schools. The work aims to make students aware of the benefits of treated wastewater for health, environment and quality of life. Students will also receive information about the importance of clean water for human consumption and learn about the role of each to the conservation of water resources, through the rational use of water on a daily basis.

Shares of Programa Saúde Nota 10 include lectures in classrooms, activities directed and drawing contests (first to third year), phrase (the fourth to sixth year) and writing (from the seventh to ninth grade and high school) on the topic “Water and Sewage Treaties: Health for all”. The aim is to encourage children and adolescents to seek information and produce works on the subject sanitation. The top three finishers will win bicycles, backpacks, shirts and hats.

Each student will also receive the magazine “World Botinho and piped,” developed by the concessionaire especially for environmental education work being done in schools. The Botinho is the mascot of the dealership and main character of the magazine. Through the story and illustrations, he takes the reader on a journey through “piped world,” walking the path of the water collection, treatment, distribution of households and, finally, collection and treatment of sewage.

During the event, was also launched a contest to choose the new name for the company’s water and sewer. “Barra do Garças passes a new moment in sanitation, with actions and investments that will make a real revolution in the health and environment of our city. We want to create a name that mark this new phase and has identity with the population and the city “- said the director of the concessionaire Mark Koller. The name will be chosen by the students of municipal schools and released on October 11, during the celebration of Children’s Day at City Hall. The EMASA part of Aegea, holding sanitation Equipav Group .

For the municipal secretary of education Fatima da Silva Rezende, the environmental education Programa Saúde Nota 10 is very welcome and will be a great enhancement for teachers in the classroom. “Students will have the opportunity to learn important concepts about the sewer, water and rational use” – underscores the desk.

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