To ensure that Campo Grande get the lowest rates of leaks in the water supply, Águas Guariroba invests in technology and improvements in the operating system to supply the city. Among the improvements implemented by the company, is the installation of pressure reducing valves with Israeli technology.

The devices are being deployed in areas of the capital with more frequent occurrences of water leakage in the network. The result of the change is the reduction of 50% of these cases in the areas where the new valve is already in operation, as shown by the manager of the dealership Loss Prevention, Suellen Ferreira Alves.

The loss is the difference between the volume of water available for public supply and the volume whose consumption is recorded. Leaks and irregularities in water connections are some examples of the causes of losses. To combat them, the waters Guariroba invests only this year, R$ 2.7 million.

“Most actions to combat losses leaks, aims to reduce the water pressure. We have a management pressures through reducing valves” says Suellen. This management system can be manual or automated, when the pressure of water flowing through the network can be changed remotely directly from the Operational Control Center (OCC) company.

Actions to combat water losses are developed since 2006 by Águas Guariroba, an Aegea´s company, sanitation holding of Equipav Group . Since then, the index in Campo Grande fell 56% to the current 20.59% – one of the lowest in the country. This average water loss is 37.57%, according to a survey from the Trata Brasil Institute.

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