On International Water Day Campo Grande will receive a brand new sewerage treatment plant. Located on the western enterprise region, the facility may benefit around 42 thousand of inhabitants in the urban area of the municipality of Imbirussu. Águas Guariroba has invested BRL 16.5 million to build the plant, which may start up operating an unprecedented technology in Brazil.

The new sewerage treatment plant, locally known as ETE Imbirussu, takes up 2 thousand square metre of built-up area and will have an initial capacity to treat 120 litres of sewage per second. The project is part of the second stage of the program called Sanear Morena launched by Águas Guariroba, which aims to broaden the sewage service to 70% of the population by the end of 2013. The total investment amounts BRL 57 million and currently the neighborhoods of Imbirussu region are to receive 139 kilometres of sewerage network and 13 thousand new household connections.


Under the conventional system, each stage of the sewerage treatment is operated in a different tank. The concept adopted for operating ETE is innovative: The sewerage treatment is aerobic and done in a compact system, where all the reacting process, sedimentation and elutriation of the sewage happen in a same tank.

The reactor of the new treatment plant will be dew of diffusors which work as a kind of air-shower, responsible for supplying the oxygen necessary to the survivorship of the aerobic bacterias, which feed themselves with organic material present on the sewage. Beyond the national factories, Águas Guariroba has invested in acquisitions of equipments bought from the United States, Germany, Argentina and Spain. The innovation assures a high-level of efficiency for the treatment, with approximately 95%.


The sewage is a source of contamination on which, if it does not receive the proper destination, it might bring serious damage to the environment and the health of population. In Campo Grande, all collected sewage undergoes a process of treatment before coming back to the river. “Treating sewage is fundamental to protect the water. Thus, the release of ETE Imbirussu, which accounts with a truly groundbreaking technology to assure the efficiency for the treatment, will be a mark so important on this International Water day, ensures João José Fonseca, president of Águas Guariroba.

After concluding the second stage of the program called Sanear Morena, Águas Guariroba, a subsidiary of Aegea – which aggregates the concessionaires of the Equipav Group – will start up a program for making the access universal by broadening the service of collection and treatment of sewage to the entire population of Campo Grande, with investments of BRL 636 million by 2025.

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