Law No. 11445 of January 5, 2007, sets forth national guidelines for basic sanitation in Brazil, establishing that the Federal Government should prepare a National Basic Sanitation Plan (PNSB).

In order to enjoy the benefits established by law, the Municipalities must prepare municipal plans defining time frames for universalization of sanitation services. In addition, as incumbent parties, they have the following obligations:

1) Deciding on how to provide services (directly or under concession) and the procedures for their operation.

2) Adopting parameters to ensure essential public health service regarding quantity, frequency, and quality of drinking water.

3) Defining the agency responsible for regulation and inspection.

4) Establishing users’ rights and duties.

5) Setting forth participation and social control mechanisms.

6) Building a system of information about the services.

7) Defining cases and terms set forth by law and by the agreements, for intervention and resumption of service provision.

8) Defining the conditions to provide the services, including their sustainability and technical, economic, and financial feasibility.

9) Defining the billing system, breakdown of rates and fees, and subsidy policies.

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